Sunday, 26 October 2008


"This'll be my last job in football, for sure."
"I'm Pompey till I die."
"I brought these players in, I couldn't just walk away from them."

Just some of the litany of lies that have sprouted from Mr Henry Redknapp's mouth over the last few weeks and months.

In hindsight, I've no idea why I expected any better from him; this after all is the man who definitely wasn't "going up the road" to that lot in the SO postcode.

Pompey till you die, Harry? Really? You seem very much alive to me. Hopefully this will mark the death of your career though, as you take Spurs down into the Championship, and skulk back to Sandbanks with Daniel Levy's millions in your back pocket.

Pompey now need to regroup, and move on. Yes, he did some wonderful things for us, but that was then. Unfortunately, as much as the top 10 finishes and FA Cup win, he'll also be remembered as the manager who walked out on us twice, and for that I can't forgive him.

The beginning...

Everything has a start, a middle and the end.

So here's the start.

I have a lot of opinions and thoughts that rattle around in my head, so this is to be the physical (albeit virtual) embodiment of my mind. It's more for my benefit than anyone else's, though clearly by sticking it in a Blog (as opposed to in a word document on my hard disk) I'm making it available for public consumption.

And now, here's the middle...